“Luhanske Zemliatstvo” initiates the “Social Card for Internally Displaced Persons” project


International non-governmental organization “Luhanske Zemliatstvo” initiates the Social Card for Internally Displaced Persons” project.


A number of businessmen from Kyiv, including natives of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, are going to offer a special discount card for all displaced persons from the ATO area, who live temporarily in Kiev and Kiev region.


“This project is another one kind of our support for people who were forced to leave the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, leaving behind their homes, property, and the part of their life. Some of them are still hoping to return to their cities, others have decided that they would better continue to live in the capital of Ukraine. Regardless of this, all the displaced persons are in a psychologically and financially hard situation now,” - said the head of the “Luhanske Zemliatstvo”’s council Vadym Goran.


“The mechanics of this project will be simple enough. Our fellow countrymen should submit their applications to “Luhanske Zemliatstvo” and 5 days after they will receive plastic cards in our office. With these cards Luhansk natives will receive the highest possible discounts, in fact, a product or service at cost price in all the companies that support our project. There will be broad fields of discounts: discounts on medical, legal and other services, discounts on products in grocery and other stores,” - says Goran.


All businessmen in Kiev and Kiev region, who recognize their social role and responsibility, can support the project.


“The backbone of our team is, of course, the businessmen, who are natives of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In this project I am happy to see those who live in Kiev for a long time, has adapted and succeeded, and “the first wave of displaced persons”, who left the ATO area with their business in March and April of the last year, and since that time were able to get on their feet in Kiev and start making profit,”- says Vadym Goran.


“Luhanske Zemliatstvo” invites volunteers who are already supporting displaced persons to cooperate.


“We offer our Social Card for Internally Displaced Persons” project for all volunteer organizations that provide our fellow countrymen with psychological, informational, organizational and logistical support.”


Application for the card can be filled in person at the office of the organization (10th floor , 16-A, Mechnikova str.), or on “Luhanske Zemliatstvo”’s web-site.


Volunteer organizations can contact “Luhanske Zemliatstvo” by phone: +38 (044) 255-15-22, +38 (044) 255-15-21. 

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