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Organization of cultural events for displaced children is an integral part of daily activities for Zemliatstvo. Kids visit entertainment venues, exhibitions and

The heads of "Eastern Partnership" association and Luhansk regional military and civil administration signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

On March, 10, Vadym Goran, the Chairman of the “Eastern Partnership” association, and other its representatives visited the Luhansk region in preparation for the implementation of projects aimed at helping local people, economy and creation of jobs for IDPs.

There were a series of meetings with the representatives of Luhansk public as well as the meeting of Vadym Goran, the Chairman of "Eastern Partnership" association with Georgii Tuka, the Head of the Luhansk regional military and civil administration.

Vadym Goran told the governor about the "Eastern Partnership" programs that will be implemented in the near future. All of them are aimed at restoring peace in Donbas, economic development of the Lugansk region, establishment of personal and professional contacts between citizens of different regions

Also, "Eastern Partnership" association will promote projects of the Luhansk entrepreneurs and IDPs and assist in their implementation.

10 entrepreneurs visited office of the association during the last week and submitted their projects. Most of the projects were about farming, development of the agricultural sector and energy efficiency.

Vadym Goran said Georgii Tuka about health care project, that is been preparing to launch. We all know that one of the biggest issues today is a problem of health care.

Following the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed. The cooperation will be aimed at creating conditions for effective cooperation between the parties in the socio-economic, cultural, humanitarian, spiritual and other spheres of activity on the principles of mutual respect and trust, to the basis of equality and partnership.

We remind that "Eastern Partnership" association was established in February, 2016, to bring together various organizations for reconstruction and development of economy and infrastructure of Donbass, for assistance to victims of armed conflict and, most importantly, for promotion of the restoration of peace in the east of the country.

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