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Organization of cultural events for displaced children is an integral part of daily activities for Zemliatstvo. Kids visit entertainment venues, exhibitions and

Vadym Goran: "Every child should have happy and carefree childhood"

All children should have joyful summer memories, full of vivid impressions and unforgettable events. And children who faced war should have them even more. That is why International Public Association “Luganske zemliatstvo” organizes constantly interesting entertainment events for displaced children and children from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

This year more than two thousand children visited museums and cinemas, theaters and entertainment venues. “Luganske zemliatstvo” believes that it is necessary to do everything to ensure that every child had a happy childhood.

"We are trying to brighten up life in Kyiv for children who have experienced so much negativity during the past two years. They should remember only good things, so our organization considers organization of displaced children’s leisure as priority,"- Vadym Goran, the Chairman of “Luganske zemliatstvo” said.

During the last week Zemliatstvo organized visits to the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre and «Happylon» children's entertainment park. More than 200 displaced children have received a lot of impressions. They and their parents are very grateful to our organization.

Natalia Shevchenko, whose daughter Vladyslava visited the amusement park, shared her impressions: "Thank you for a real celebration of childhood, I have so much emotion and excitement that they can not be expressed in words! In general, it was cool!"

Larysa Cherniavska, whose daughter Larysa visited a performance at the puppet theater, told about the visit: "We are very grateful to “Luganske zemliatstvo” for organizing such events, our family enjoy visiting them. I m very pleased, when someone remember about me and my child, and, believe me, it's very nice. We would not see much in Kyiv without Zemliatstvo. Thank you for a bright summer!"

“Luganske zemliatstvo” is really trying to make kids’s summer bright and happy. Faces in the photo are a clear confirmation of this.

Taras Zavatskii

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