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Organization of cultural events for displaced children is an integral part of daily activities for Zemliatstvo. Kids visit entertainment venues, exhibitions and

Vadym Goran: "Our goal is to help people"

During his visit to Svatove, Vadym Goran, the Chairman of “Luganske zemliatstvo”, met with its residents, who spoke about existing problems. The main problem is the lack of support from the city authorities in reconstruction of damaged houses.

We remind that in October last year explosions at a munitions depot killed and injured people, damaged houses and apartments in Svatove. Almost a year passed since the day of tragedy, but houses are not restored until now. Svatove’s people think that it is caused by inability or unwillingness of the city authorities to use the allocated funds efficiently.

To support people, “Luganske zemliatstvo” opened an office in Svatove. It provides providing victims with organizational, practical and legal assistance. Currently, Committee of the public control is being formed in Svatove. It will deal not only with issues of restoration of destroyed housing, but also with control of expenditure of every hryvnia funded from the state budget for reconstruction.

"Our goal is to help people in solving the extremely difficult situation, in which they were left alone, -Vadym Goran, the Chairman of Zemliatstvo commented on the opening of its office in Svatove. – “Now people know where to ask for advice and help. They can get legal consultation here, as well as join publiv control over the expenditure of funds that will be funded for restoration of their property."

in Svatove has turned to the office during two days, constant calls are going on. "We are happy that at least someone has begun to take care of us. May God grant you with patience in solving these issues,"- such phrases are often heard through the phone.

One of the affected residents of Svatove came to the office and told her story: "We are very hurt: doors, eight windows, fairly large, were knocked ut. And what is November? A lot of people visited us, made some the acts, but we have not received the full amount of money necessary to restore our destruction. They gave us three thousand hryvnias. They said: take a loan, and all will be solved later. We took a loan of 27 thousand hryvnias, and now we are paying for it on our own. We asked questions to city officials, the mayor on when we will get help. The answers were sometimes even rude answer. They said we just want to cash in. How is that possible? Where is the state? Now the gas, utilities have risen in price, but last year's problems are still not solved."

Vadym Goran on behalf of “Luganske zemliatstvo” has already sent relevant letters to the Svatove’s mayor, the governor of the Luhansk region, and appealed to the Cabinet in order that people’s cry for help will be heard.


Stas Zhukov

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