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Organization of cultural events for displaced children is an integral part of daily activities for Zemliatstvo. Kids visit entertainment venues, exhibitions and

Parents are grateful to “Luganske zemliatstvo” for fulfillment of their children’s desires

According to psychologists, creative activities develop an interest in world around them in children, form spatial thinking, train memory and perseverance. The world of the child becomes gradually wider, revealing all the new colors and images.

These arecriteria to select children’s entertainment for staff of “Luganske zemliatstvo.” The main principle of this work: events should be not only interesting, but also useful for children.

Therefore, Zemliatstvo organized another event in artFabryka. This is an educational and entertainment center associated with TM LEGO.

15 our young countrymen were able to see for free the largest city made of TM LEGO bricks, the biggest mosaic depicting St. Sophia made from more than 98 thousand bricks.

Children were also able to create their masterpieces with LEGO bricks. The kids visited the biggest mini-city in Ukraine made from more than 80,000 bricks.

In the Video Games Zone boys and girls plunged into the virtual world of LEGO.

They visited the robotics zone and played in Robofutbol. But most of all children with Donbass liked Factory, where they were able to build everything they want from a million pieces.

Children's parents were convinced that art therapy and game therapy help children to express all in a playful way: a car and a steam locomotive, a small house for dolls or a garage for cars. Creative minds of these guys worked perfectly that day.

Parents expressed their gratitude for an excellent opportunity to develop children's fantasy and imagination, visit ArtFabryka.

Oleksandr Kravchenko: "Many thanks to “Luganske zemliatstvo” and all your staff for a holiday that you have given to our children. And I thank very much personally to Iryna Polianska, who select carefully the best events."

Nataliia Shevchenko: "Thank to “Luganske zemliatstvo” for fulfillment of our dreams!!! Many thanks to you for development of our children and the most memorable event! "

Olena Goncharova: "Thank very much to your organization, as well as the management of ArtFabryka for the opportunity to visit the LEGO town. All children were happy! Emotions are wonderful! “Luganske zemliatstvo” is a great team! Well done!"

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