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Zemliatstvo’s History

International non-governmental organization “Luhanske zemliatstvo” has been already working for 16 years. Before 2014 itsactivities were of educational, cultural character, and the main aim was to maintain social and economic relations between the natives of the Luhansk region who lived in Kiev. Zemliatstvo has organized many cultural events, tourist trips for schoolchildren, helped fellow countrymen to contact in business communications, collected money for medical equipment, school desks in rural schools and district hospitals, and organized regional business communication with local governments and public authorities. The activity of the organization has always been apolitical.

After the outbreak of the bloody military conflict a huge number of migrants from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions moved into other regions of Ukraine, and the humanitarian situation in the region has become catastrophic. Because of this, in 2014 the aims and tasks of the “Luhanske zemliatstvo” in Kiev have been changed fundamentally. One of the first Zemliatstvo’s decisions was the proposal to create programs of support for displaced people from the whole ATO area, both from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. 21st of March, 2015, a number of personnel decisions, in particular, about the change of headship of the organization were adopted on the meeting of the INGO “Luhanske zemliatstvo”’s Board. NowitisheadedbyVadym Goran.

In 2015 these tasks are the key ones for the members of “Luhanske zemliatstvo”:

  • legal support for individuals - displaced persons from Luhansk and Donetsk regions in the state and local authorities (rental, social benefits, official status, property and other issues);
  • legal support for Ukrainian citizens, who had business in areas of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions that are temporarily not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities;
  • re-registration, registration of documents, transfer of active assets, disputes, taxes, and so forth;
  • maximum assistance in retraining and employment of displaced persons;
  • programs for social support of displaced children;
  • development and implementation of social programs for citizens of Ukraine, who leaved the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions that are temporary uncontrolled by Ukraine; in particular: the “Social Card for Internally Displaced Persons” giving a discount for all displaced people for a number of basic services in Kiev (on the first stage), and all over Ukraine (on the second stage);
  • assistance for citizens leaving the territory of the military conflict;
  • making of an information policy aimed at supporting people who have been forced to leave their hometowns, work with public opinion on the displaced persons’s matters.

The basic principles of the INGO “Luhanske zemliatstvo” work remain unchanged. We do not divide the victims of the conflict for political, territorial, linguistic, religious or some other grounds. We are ready to help both our fellow countrymen who left the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and those who, for whatever reasons, were forced to stay there. We know that reasons for their decision can be very serious, and we agree with them. We are ready to cooperate in all possible formats with volunteer organizations and socially responsible businesses; we are glad to receive any assistance for the displaced persons and victims of the conflict.

First of all we look forward to the help and support from businessmen-natives of the Luhansk region, as well as from all those who are unable to remain on the sidelines in a military conflict situation, who are able and willing to help both displaced people as a whole and individual social groups or individual citizens. In many ways, we look forward to work with charities, including international ones.

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