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Congratulations veterans

On May, 8, in the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, INGO “Luhanske Zemliatstvo”congratulated the veterans of the Second World War. The organization congratulates veterans annually, and takes care of them not only on the eve of holiday dates. According to the Head of the veteran association of Zemliatstvo Petro Chubarov, earlier the organization had more than 50 veterans among the members.

“Today, there are 25 of us. We continue to feel the care of our Zemliatstvo’s headship. There is always a lot of attention to the veterans, to us. Today we were invited, and we are very happy and grateful for that. The remaining veterans are not forgotten. Half of them are sick, and we are constantly aware of them, call, support hem”,- he said.

Petro has also said that the Luhansk veterans wish the most the peace in Ukraine to be restored.

Toloka "Donbas - is Ukraine"

On April, 25, 2015, “Donbas is Ukraine” clean-up was held in Kiev. During the event, Luhansk and Donetsk natives living in Kiev, as well as caring residents and guests of the city, made a spring clean-up in the park “Nyvky” and planted 150 planting stocks. All of us want to see the city we are living in - from birth or not, forced or by choice - clean, beautiful, green and flowering.

Field kitchen and a concert waited for the participants after the clean-up.

Thanks for participating everyone! And special thanks to Elena Zhavoronkova for the photos!

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